Summer Camp

Join us for the highlight of the Noam year: two weeks of fun-packed adventure surrounded by all your friends and cared for by inspirational, highly trained leaders. It is an event not to be missed. We bring together young Jews each summer for a chance to see their old friends, make new ones and much more. We provide a space for people to learn and grow and inside a community like no other. 

Noam is committed to providing an opportunity for young Jews to discover their own Jewish identity in an egalitarian and non-coercive space. We not only educate around issues we care about in an informal setting – we also have loads of fun! From our colour wars and mega-kefs to the outdoor activities, Noam summer camp is packed full of exciting moments where you will make memories for a lifetime.


What is Noam Summer Camp?

Noam camp offers a unique opportunity to meet other young Jews and make new friends. The friendships formed at camp are deep and long-lasting. Young people at Noam camp build a community for themselves and learn to live as part of a group in which teamwork and cooperation are of the highest value. Noam is an inclusive environment for all who wish to be part of it.

Madrichim and Welfare

Participants are looked after by our team of trained, experienced and committed madrichim (leaders). All Noam camps feature a high ratio of madrichim to young people, ensuring that participants are constantly cared for. In addition, we have a comprehensive welfare structure, including a professional welfare team and onsite medical team, safeguarding physical and emotional well-being.

Your Noam Journey

Being on Noam summer camp is the first step on your Noam journey. This means joining a year-round community, full of events from social cubs to social action projects. Every Noam experience is an opportunity to grow, learn and develop as a person.

Noam believes that the way to a strong Jewish identity is through positive Jewish experiences and all our camps endeavour to start our participants on a lifelong journey. Our programming provides the opportunity for participants to engage with their Judaism and form their own opinions in a stimulating yet informal context. As a religious movement, Noam observes Shabbat and Kashrut to create an immersive Jewish environment. Our approach is Masorti, non-coercive and egalitarian.

What can you expect?

Outdoor Activities

Mornings usually start with outdoor activities from abseiling to zip wire to Jacob’s Ladder. Everything is an opportunity to do something new and challenge yourself.

Chuggim (Creative Sessions)

Throughout camp, chanichim (participants) get the opportunity to explore their hobbies in Chuggim. From cooking to arts and crafts, they will work in groups with a shared passion to create a project over camp.


Activities run by our leaders bring lots of fun, energy and a chance to learn something! Dive into new worlds and experiences as our leaders take you on an adventure like no other.

Tefillot (Prayers)

We use prayer services to frame days, bring additional thoughtfulness to all the amazing experiences we’re having and build connection to our Judaism in an egalitarian way.

Evening Fun

From bonfires to discos, we end every day with a final portion of fun before heading to our dorms to get a good night of sleep before it all starts again the next day…

Noam will not exclude people from our programming in the basis of income or additional need. Therefore, subsidies are available (including for the deposit). This will be clearly marked on the application form.

To view our staff terms and conditions please click here

To view our terms and conditions please click here

If you have any questions about Noam Summer Camp 2021, please email [email protected]

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