Noam Nesiya – Yr11 Summer Programming


Year 11 / S4


11th – 21st July – Europe

23rd – 28th July – UK

Noam Nesiya

Nesiya (journey) is a two part Noam adventure where chanichim (participants) will travel to the beautiful European cities of Prague, Budapest and Krakow; before exploring thenext stage of their Jewish journey in Brighton.

Nesiya gives participants the opportunity to discover their Jewish identity in a unique way. This once in a lifetime trip explores themes of global citizenship, European Jewish history, and Zionism.

We are striving to engage, enthuse and educate our participants, enabling them to develop a personal connection to the global Jewish community and their own Jewish identity.

Through Noam we aim to build a vibrant young Jewish community that is actively involved in the issues of wider society. Join us for a unique, social Jewish journey!


Nesiya Europe

In Europe, Nesiya will trace the story of Zionism in the diaspora, connecting with the rich and vibrant history of European culture and Jewry. Amidst sightseeing and exploring the cities, we will visit waterparks and hike through stunning countrysides.

Nesiya will begin in stunning Prague, home to a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant modern city full of iconic sites like the Prague Castle and Jewish Quarter. Next stop will be Budapest with its thermal baths, caves and beautiful castle district. And finally, Nesiya will end in Krakow, full of quaint streets and natural beauty. Water parks and hikes await!

Nesiya UK

Brighton has been a famous home for diversity and alternative thinking, all while being architecturally beautiful, historic, colourful and fun. With an emerging grassroots Masorti community as well as a deep beautiful Jewish heritage, it feels like a perfect continuation of the themes we will explore in Europe of the rebuilding of Jewish communities.

Our tochnit (schedule) will include local sightseeing, beach trips, water activities and group bonding. It is a unique opportunity for a laidback, intimate Noam trip, and the perfect transition into the next step of their Jewish journeys. 

Extra Information

Financial Assistance

Noam is committed to financial inclusion to ensure that all young people in the British Jewish community can participate in the programme. Families unable to meet the full cost of the programme can apply for means-tested financial assistance, provided by Noam, by ticking the appropriate box on the Initial Application Form. You will then be sent a Financial Assistance application form by Noam.

Extra Information

Please note that at any time up until departure, you may incur the cost of an additional fuel surcharge and airport tax by the airline.

Application Process

All form filling for Nesiya will be online.

On receipt of the online initial application form by the movement and deposit, you will receive an email which will contain:

a) A link to the medical form

b) Important Information and Terms and Conditions booklet

c) Other information concerning your participation

All deposits (and initial applications) need to be received by Friday 11 February 2022

All application and medical forms need to be completed by Monday 28 February 2022

Your place on Nesiya will be confirmed upon receipt of your completed application and medical forms. Please note: All places on Nesiya are only confirmed once full payment has been received. If anything changes relating to your medical information before the start of Nesiya, it is your responsibility to inform us in writing before the start of the programme. All participants are to attend an orientation day in the lead up to the start date.

Noam reserves the right to change the content of the programme at short notice.

To view our terms and conditions please click here

If you have any questions about Noam Nesiya 2024, please email [email protected], or call 02083496655

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