Annabel Weber

Movement Worker and Marom Field Worker Email: [email protected]

Annabel joined Noam on Israel Tour in 2017. Ever since then, Annabel has been totally dedicated to Noam, being a madricha, a Drachimnik and now a Movement Worker! Annabel really values the space of Noam to carry out social action and meet great people. She has recently graduated from Bristol with a degree in Economics. Annabel is very excited to devote a whole year to Noam.

During this year, Annabel will be the community worker for New London Synagogue, the Chavurah and New Stoke Newington Synagogue. Annabel is the Marom field worker alongside Ruby. She will also be working on Drachim, Mind the Gap, Winter Camp and  Atid.

Ayela Marcuson

Movement Worker Email: [email protected]

Ayela attended their first Noam camp in 2014 and has not missed a year of Noam since! They have greatly enjoyed growing and developing within the Noam community as a chanich, a madrich, a rosh and leading Israel Tour; with each role bringing a greater understanding of Judaism and building relationships both old and new. They have previously been in actor training for the last few years and are extremely excited to be fully immersed in Noam all year round, and can’t wait to see what the year brings.

As well as being a community worker for New North London Synagogue and SHEMA, they will be working on projects including Club, Israel Tour, Kaytana, Kehilim and Veida.

Ruby Ginsberg

Movement Worker and Marom Fieldworker Email: [email protected]

Ruby has been a Noamnik ever since attending Nofim Aleph in 2015. She has been a madricha many times and absolutely loved leading Israel tour in 2022. She has recently graduated with a degree in History of Art from the University of Cambridge. So many of Ruby’s happiest memories are from Noam and she cannot wait to devote a whole year to creating happy memories for other Noamnikim!

Ruby is the youth worker for Belsize Square Synagogue, Mosaic Jewish Community, and the Oxford Masorti Group. She is working on Winter Camp, Israel Tour, Kaytana, ATID and communications, and is also a Marom Fieldworker alongside Annabel. 

Miki Friend

Mazkira Email: [email protected]

Miki first joined Noam for Israel Tour in 2016, and immediately fell in love with Noam’s ideology. Miki has been a leader on camp ever since, having now been a rosh over three summer camps, and is passionate about bringing young Jews together and empowering them to become active members of their communities. Miki has recently graduated from the University of Exeter where she studied Zoology and Conservation Science and is now very excited to be working in the mazkirut. 

This year, Miki will be working on a number of projects including Drachim, Kehilim, Veida, and Mind the Gap, and acting as community worker for New North London Synagogue, Kol Nefesh, and SAMS.

Lucy Cohen

Noam Director Email: [email protected]

Lucy was involved with Noam for over a decade, as a chanicha, madricha and during her time studying at the University of Leeds. After working around the world in community and international development, Lucy is back home at Noam. 

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