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Noam Club is an amazing opportunity for our younger members to make friends, gain confidence and learn new skills all whilst gaining a small slice of Noam as often as every week. It is a chance to hang out with your Noam friends in an informal setting and to experience Noam throughout the year.

Depending on which Shichva (Year Group) participants are in, club will happen either every week, bi-weekly or monthly.

Zeraim (Y3 – 4)

and Shorashim (Y5 – 6)

For our youngest Noamnikim, Zeraim (Years 3&4) and Shorashim (Years 5&6), Noam Club happens every Sunday from 16:30-18:00 in Finchley. Should you wish to send your child but don’t live in the Finchley/North London area, Noam is able to organise transport for your child providing there is enough demand from other in the same area. This applies for all Shichvot (Year Groups).

Nevatim (Y7 – 8)

Nevatim Club will be happening the first and third Sunday of every month, in the evenings. Nevatim club will be a blend of internal and external activities. These activities will take place in a variety of locations, including things such as bowling, arts and crafts evenings and educational and creative workshops.

Nofim (Y9 – 10)

Nofim Club will take place on the once a month, in the evenings from 17:45-19:00. Because these are less frequent, they will be larger scale evenings including things such as ice-skating, theatre trips and workshops (all subject to change). Some of these activities are external so they will be taking place in a variety of locations in and around London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Timings may also vary depending on the activity but we will let you know well in advance!

If you have any further questions about club, please do email Annabel or Ayela!

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