Alex Putsman


Hey I’m Alex and I’m super excited to be your new chair 🙂 I really love Noam (shocker!) and am looking forward to working so that everyone involved with the movement feels at home. Hit me with any thoughts/feelings/opinions and I will try my best to put your ideas into actions!

Olly Daniels


Hey I’m Olly. After having a Drachim gap year I’m going to Liverpool to study medicine. I’m so excited to be on this years Va’ad and can’t wait to get going!

Ariella Kaplan


Hi I’m Ariella. I’ve just led Nofim Bet after going on Drachim this year and now I’m starting Biochemistry at Bristol in September. I’m super excited to be on the Va’ad this year!!

Mia Singer

Gemilut Chasidim

My name is Mia and I’m really really excited to be on the Va’ad this year! I’ve been going on camp since I was 10 years old, love all things Noam, and am looking forward to a year of big ideas: so get hype!

Jonah Oppenheimer

Camps, Clubs and Residentials (CCR)

Hello! I’m Jonah, I’ve just lead Shori A as a second-timer, I’m thrilled to be elected to the Va’ad T’nua and can’t wait to start!


Hagshama Atzmit

Hi! I’m Zack, and I’ve just finished as a Rosh on Nevatim Bet this Summer. I’m a Computer Science student at Bristol, and run a Jewish youth group there as well. This is my second year on the Va’ad, and I’m excited to get cracking!

Izzie Solomon

Masorti Judaism

Hi, I’m Izzie and I’ve also just been on Drachim, I’m going to study Economics, Enviroment and Ecology this year at York and I’m hyped to be on the Va’ad this year- ready to make some proper changes!

Izzie Solomon has also been elected as our new representative to the Board of Deputies, and will be putting forward Noam’s voice to the wider Jewish community for the next three years!

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