Abi Wander


I started Noam later than most, and instantly regretted having not been part of it for longer! I have seen first-hand the monumental impact Noam can have on young lives (including mine!), and I feel so privileged to now have an even bigger opportunity to be part of making that happen. Having gone on Noam’s gap year programme, ‘Drachim’, living and breathing Noam 24/7, I feel really close to the movement, and many of its ideologies have become core parts of my personal identity. I am particularly excited to have been elected to chair the Va’ad Tnua this year, and look forward to both the challenges and rewards of 5780!

Abe Tolley

Kehillah & Masorti

My Noam journey started on Tour 2016 and to this day I feel incredibly glad I picked Noam Tour out of the myriad of options. Noam has played a huge part in my life: meeting some of my now closest friends, allowing me to reconnect to my Jewish identity and helping me grow as a person. Having led camp 3 times and gone on the Keilim programme I want to give back to and help shape the movement using my experiences and knowledge. I’m sharing the Kehila (community) branch of Noam’s ideology with Toby and the Masorti branch with Jacob. Noam can be an incredible force for good in people’s lives and by being on the Vaad Tnua this year I hope to bring that amazing Noam experience to as many people as possible.

Ava Sharpe

Hagshama Atzmit & CCR

I started my Noam journey as a chanicha on tour in 2016 and ever since then I have regretted not joining the movement sooner. Not only has Noam been a welcoming space for me to reconnect with my Judaism but has offered me countless opportunities to be part of a community of such inspirational and passionate leaders. My three weeks every year on camp as a leader has offered me countless opportunities to grow and develop as an individual, and I feel passionately about helping give others the same experience I have been lucky enough to gain from Noam. Through developing the branches of Hagshama Atzmit and CCR with Ruth, I hope to be able share the skills and experiences of all the amazing leaders on Noam, past and present, to help the future of the movement benefit from such an incredible community.

Jacob Smith

Zionism & Masorti

I’ve been part of Noam since tour, and have found it to be incredibly formative in making me who I am today. Going on Keilim earlier this year gave me a deeper appreciation of Masorti Judaism, and I’m looking forward to sharing this through my role on the Va’ad T’nua. I’ve always felt that Noam’s ideology resonates well with my personal thoughts: my own struggles with Zionism reflect the ideas in our ideology, and I feel that this will feed into my role. I’ve learnt so much from the people who came before me in Noam, and I hope to pass this on as best I can; I’m glad to have the privilege of being on the Va’ad T’nua, and I’m so excited to see what the upcoming year holds.

Miki Friend

Gemilut Chasidim

Hi I’m Miki. I started Noam on tour in 2016 and never looked back. I participated in the Drachim programme in 2019 and found that I really resonated with the movement’s ideology in this time. I therefore felt as though I wanted to represent the voice of the bogrim body in our ideology as it is at the core of who we are as a movement. I was particularly drawn to the Gemilut Chasidim branch because I am passionate about social justice, and I feel as though it is a vital part of what it means not only to be a masorti Jew, but to be a Jew in the modern day. I look forward to what this year will bring and can’t wait to see what our movement looks like in a years time.

Ruth Launer

Hagshama Atzmit & CCR

My Noam journey began in 2010 on Shorashim Alef. Every year I would count down the days until the next Noam event or summer camp – the highlight of my year! I remember coming home after nofim bet crying because I was so sad that I had to wait another year for camp to come around again. Growing up in the movement has shaped not only my jewish identity but who I am as a person, Noam’s core values and branches resonate with my beliefs which is one of the many reasons I’m so excited to be on the Va’ad Tanua! I (along wih Ava) will be taking on Hagshama and CCR branches so I can focus both on the exciting few weeks that is camp, but also our personal growth year round within the movement.

Toby Kunin

Zionism & Kehillah

Noam has played such a crucial role in my personal Hagshama Atzmit, I thought that being involved in the Va’ad would be an amazing way of deepening my engagement with a movement that has brought me so much. Attending Veida the last couple of years has really gotten me engaged in the ideology of the movement, and I’m really looking forward to pushing Noam to live up to these lofty aspirations in terms of its Zionism (with Jacob) and its Kehila (with Abe). While my Noam journey may differ somewhat from the norm, I’m so very excited for this latest chapter.

The Mazkirut

Movement Workers

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