Ava Sharpe

By App Egny 17th May 2021

I started my Noam journey as a chanicha on tour in 2016 and ever since then I have regretted not joining the movement sooner. Not only has Noam been a welcoming space for me to reconnect with my Judaism but has offered me countless opportunities to be part of a community of such inspirational and passionate leaders. My three weeks every year on camp as a leader has offered me countless opportunities to grow and develop as an individual, and I feel passionately about helping give others the same experience I have been lucky enough to gain from Noam. Through developing the branches of Hagshama Atzmit and CCR with Ruth, I hope to be able share the skills and experiences of all the amazing leaders on Noam, past and present, to help the future of the movement benefit from such an incredible community.

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