Abe Tolley

By App Egny 17th May 2021

My Noam journey started on Tour 2016 and to this day I feel incredibly glad I picked Noam Tour out of the myriad of options. Noam has played a huge part in my life: meeting some of my now closest friends, allowing me to reconnect to my Jewish identity and helping me grow as a person. Having led camp 3 times and gone on the Keilim programme I want to give back to and help shape the movement using my experiences and knowledge. I’m sharing the Kehila (community) branch of Noam’s ideology with Toby and the Masorti branch with Jacob. Noam can be an incredible force for good in people’s lives and by being on the Vaad Tnua this year I hope to bring that amazing Noam experience to as many people as possible.

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